Monomoy: A Community that Cares

Jack Watson, Editor-in-Chief

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It is a common stereotype around the nation that young people today are selfish, too inept to solve their own problems, and unwilling to work hard to achieve. Monomoy High School challenges this belief, enjoying countless programs and clubs dedicated to improving the lives of people both globally and in the community.

It is not only the amount of clubs and organizations in the school that is impressive; it is that they are full of students excited to be there. These kids want to spur progressive ideas, provide assistance to others, and create a world in which individuals look out for each other.

Some of these groups are fully committed to making the world a better place by tackling big social issues. STAND (The Student-Led Movement to End Mass Atrocities) is led by Mr. Dickson and sets itself the task of helping to end genocide worldwide by holding Peace Week and a talent show to raise awareness, as well as traveling around the country to promote anti-genocide legislation.

Another club similar to STAND is the newly founded Key Club, which is part of Kiwanis International and strives to make the Monomoy community a better place environmentally and socially. President Grace Boyle stated: “We are very excited to develop the school culture and contribute to benefitting our own community as well as people in need.” Key Club and STAND are two tangents of national organizations devoted to charitable work, but a few other school clubs operate independently with the same purpose.

The Gay-Straight Alliance Club encourages an accepting atmosphere for any member of the LGBT community, and led by Beth Dietz they work to end discrimination against those that may be seen as “different”. The group is open to anyone looking to expand their understanding of the LGBT community and or unsure of their sexuality, accepting anyone who comes forward.

The Human Rights Academy has a mantra similar to GSA and is sponsored by the Barnstable Human Rights Commision. The academy is tasked with educating students at Monomoy about local, national, and global violations of human rights and how to work to right these injustices. 

These different factions all have the same general message: Make the world a much better place through educating others, advocating for change, and volunteerism. However, there are many other clubs that are simply trying to make the community of the Monomoy and Cape Cod a better place, however small. These include the Animal Welfare Club, Best Buddies, Interact Club, and Peer Mediation and Tutoring.

Monomoy Regional High School should be a cornerstone for student involvement in movements bigger than themselves, encouraging an environment in which people help others. When those in the community examine the students in this school, they certainly will not find a group of self-centered youths but rather a student body willing to put in the work and dedication to make a change.

Picture by Brian Alvarez

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Monomoy: A Community that Cares