Endless Opportunities

Monomoy offers many clubs open to anyone wishing to participate! Come join in on the fun!

Madison Rush, Writer

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Here at Monomoy High School there are club offerings so numerous, no one student could possibly choose just one – There is something for everyone! No matter what you may be interested in there is most likely one, if not a few, extracurricular clubs in which you can become a member. From music to community leadership, Monomoy has it all.   

Meeting either before or after school, the clubs have shown great participation. Another great factor about having a wide variety of clubs is that everyone is welcome! No experience is necessary to join any club; all are welcome. Don’t be shy, you should get involved and join a club!

There is one issue, however, with the amount of clubs Monomoy offers: it can be just too difficult to choose just one! Due to our long list of enjoyable clubs, it’s difficult to decide which ones to attend without overlapping schedules. Whether your interests are animals, science, literature, helping out the community, or social issues, there is definitely something for you to attend. These clubs are run by Monomoy’s very own wonderful teachers and staff which makes them even more of a temptation.

A great way to choose a club is to talk to people you know who are already involved. They can give you first hand insight into the inner workings of the particular group and become a bridge for you to join up. You can also speak with the adviser or attend a club fair. Clubs are a wonderful way to become involved, meet new friends, and give back to your community, so please join and come have some fun!

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Endless Opportunities