Will “Jawsome” be Awesome?

Kyleigh Macedo

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Recently at Monomoy Regional High School, staff and administration came up with a new schedule to make room for an exciting way to help students academically and to enrich their learning experience. The new program is called “The Jawsome Hour.” The Jawsome Hour will be split into two lunch periods and will allow students to have time to catch up on work to improve their grades or be able to go to enrichment activities during this hour block. With this new schedule, if a student has a grade below a 75 in a class, they are required to serve Academic Overtime with the teacher for that class. Students who do not need Academic Overtime will be able to go to different activities. I recently interviewed three students at Monomoy Regional High School to ask their opinions about the Jawsome hour.

My first interviewee likes the idea but feels the schedule will be messy, “I feel like the whole system is a little messy, but it’s a good opportunity to get work done.”

My second interviewee thinks that Jawsome hour is a great addition to school, “I think it is a great idea considering we can eat when we want with our friends. It is kind of a break during the day when we can catch up on work and get ahead so we don’t have to lag behind; it gives us a chance to do more during the school day so we don’t have to do more after school than we already do.”

Finally, I interviewed one more student who thinks this is a great idea but worries that some students might not use their time wisely or effectively, “I think it’s a wonderful concept in theory. It definitely has the potential to help raise failing grades, and give students time to breathe in between classes. Although, I do believe that it is not going to work out as well as intended, for I feel that students in our school will not take the program as seriously as staff and administration hope they will.”

There are a lot of pros and cons with this program. Most of my interviewees think this is a great idea that administration has come up with. What are your thoughts on this new program? Do you think it’s a benefit? Do you think it will improve our school?   We will have an update on the Jawsome Hour’s success after a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned.

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Will “Jawsome” be Awesome?