Getting to know Dr. James Otto

Cassidy Welsh

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Let’s get to know Dr. James Otto, a new physics teacher. Dr. Otto is one of the many smart and funny teachers at Monomoy Regional High School.

He has traveled all around the East Coast. Growing up, he moved a lot because his mother was in the army. His first stop was Florida, then on to Virginia, then to Texas, and now he is here! He likes Monomoy so far. He enjoys the beaches and thinks our the school is very friendly. When Dr. Otto was growing up, he wanted to be an astronaut; he was shooting for the stars! Dr. Otto was a very shy person when he was kid and really had no interest in teaching. One day a teacher asked if he wanted to teach a class and he said yes. When he first started to teach, he was only in grad school!

I interviewed some teachers to see what they think about Dr. Otto. One teacher, who did not want to be named, described him in the following way, “He is very intelligent and is a great teacher.” And the following is a quote from Mrs.Chilaka, “I like him. He is a good teacher who loves the kids. He is a very young teacher, and he does a lot of hands on things for the kids in his class, and I think that is good for them.”

I also interviewed Mr. Burkhead because as our principal, Mr. Burkhead hired Dr.Otto. Here are some of the things he said, “He is an excellent addition to the staff. He’s very passionate about science and he loves the kids.”  “How do you feel about Dr.Otto working here?” “Happy! He brings good ideas to the school, and he is very involved with the school community.” “Do you think Dr.Otto will improve the school in any way, and if so how?” “Yes, he will challenge and teach and get the kids to study more.” “Why did you and the hiring committee say yes to Dr. Otto; in other words, what about him made you want him to work here?” “They all agreed that he was talented and highly recommended.  He was eager to start!”   

MRHS is so lucky to have Dr. James Otto here!!         

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Getting to know Dr. James Otto