MRHS in the Eyes of Melinda Jones

Colby Jones

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I recently sat down with a new faculty member at MRHS, Melinda Jones,who is an enthusiastic and cooperative teacher and one with quite unique opinions. She teaches Mandarin and was born in the beautiful land of China, coming to America only seven years ago. She is famous among her classes for being what could be described as overly strict, while she still has a sense of humor that is, indubitably, unlike any other. She relishes in the comedic ways of her students but punishes those who cross the line, as would any teacher. She seems to be really enjoying her time at our school and hopes to work here for the long-haul. She believes that MHRS students and staff are friendly and cooperative, and she enjoys their company. Below is the interview itself, edited slightly for clarity.


Q: Where are you from?

A: I am from China, the city of Chengdu. It is truly a wonderful place and you should visit it sometime.


Q: What made you decide to move to America?

A: I moved here because I wanted to teach the children.


Q: Where did you learn the English language?

A: I learned English mainly in Virginia, where I moved seven years ago from China with my daughter.


Q: Did you teach before coming MHRS?

A: I taught classes in Fairfax, VA before I came here.


Q: How do you like our school so far?

A: I love our school, oh so much.


Q: Do you like the other teachers?

A: I love this school, all the teachers are very friendly and help each other, we are like a team. We help each other out, especially in the world language department.


Q: Are the students friendly?

A: Most of them, most of them, not all of them though. I am not a monster to them, so I expect the same (in return).


Q: Which class is your favorite?

A: That’s a hard question, everyone is my favorite, I love all of my classes.


Q: Do you plan on staying at our school long-term?

A: Yeah, I’m going to stay, now my plan is at least five to ten years because of my age. My age is 51, so I can work at least ten more years. I want to watch you guys grow up, grow up and have nice jobs.


Q: What do you like most about our school?

A: I like everything. I like how we are a team, the friendly students, and most of all the silly girls (referring to two classmates of mine).


I said it once and I’ll say it again, Ms. Jones loves our school, as she would any school. She teaches children simply because she enjoys them so much, and she wants to spend a good amount of her waking hours in their company. She is a wonderful teacher, and I believe she is by far the best equipped for her job as Mandarin teacher.

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MRHS in the Eyes of Melinda Jones