Wonderful Monomoy Lunches!

Kylie Francis

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Monomoy Regional High School has been serving amazing lunches every day of the school year. Everything they serve is delicious!

In the cafeteria, the school provides lunches that are cooked and some that are not. For instance, foods that are served include spaghetti, chicken patties, soup, chicken tenders, french fries, salads, hot dogs, sandwiches, and pizza. Monomoy also serves an array of snacks like cookies, chips, gummy snacks, and ice cream. Drinks also are provided, like milk, water, and juice. Lunch prices are affordable and can either be paid by cash, or you can open a school lunch account online and put money into it.

“We prepare about 200 lunches a day,” says Jackie, a cafeteria lady at MRHS. “The most popular food sold that we cook is chicken tenders, but kids should include the other foods that they’re paying for…Also, lunches have become healthier over the time I’ve worked here,” Jackie says.

Some students enjoy some of the lunches,“The cafeteria has a lot of variety and the food is generally good, unless it’s used from the day before,” says Colby Jones, an eighth grader from MRHS. “ If I could change the cafeteria’s food, I’d definitely change the pizza, it tastes watery.”  

Teachers also eat school lunches during school hours sometimes. “I think the lunches taste good,” says Ms. Doyle, an English teacher at MRHS, “The salads are fresh and many of the soups are yummy.”

Monomoy’s cafeteria is known for its healthy meals and variety of cooked meals every day over the school year. Students enjoy these incredible lunches, which are a great part of a healthy diet. Wouldn’t you agree? Bon appetit! Which is French for, enjoy your meal.

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Wonderful Monomoy Lunches!