Sharks’ Take on Jawsome

Kyleigh Macedo

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Jawsome hour has now been in effect at Monomoy Regional High School for a little over a month. Is it awesome? Or is it a flop? I wrote an article on the Jawsome Hour before it had started. Most of my interviewees’ opinions were positive, but they were not too sure about it.  I recently interviewed the same people to see if their opinions had changed or stayed the same.

The first person I interviewed is an eighth grader at Monomoy. “I think it is actually very convenient for students because, personally, my grades have gone far up since it has been instituted. Also, with the new schedule, the days seem to go by faster which is an added bonus.”

The second person I interviewed is also an eighth grader at Monomoy. “It is good for people that want to get work done but I have seen people not taking advantage of it when they need the extra time. Personally, I like it and it makes the day less stressful, but I have heard that teachers who have enrichment activities or are scheduled for doing activities during both parts often don’t have time to relax in the day if they don’t have a prep. It can be stressful for them.”

Most people do seem to like it, including myself. Sometimes my schedule is so busy at night, but Jawsome gives me time to complete homework and that helps a lot. Of course, there are some students that do not use it appropriately. What are your thoughts on Jawsome? Is it helpful to you? Do you attend any enrichments? Has it helped your grades at all? Let us know by commenting on this review!

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Sharks’ Take on Jawsome