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Any person in today’s society who follows sports in any way has been made very well aware of the two-time MVP, up and coming star guard on the Golden State Warriors, and who some may say is the new face of the NBA: Stephen Curry. People may know him as this all around player, but do they really know the real Steph? Or Wardell? Yes, Stephen Curry’s real name is actually Wardell Stephen Curry, after his father Dell Curry.

Steph Curry was born March 14th, 1998 in Akron, Ohio. Steph and his mother and father, Sonya and Dell Curry, along with his two younger siblings, Sydel and Seth, moved to Charlotte, North Carolina after the kids had been born in Ohio. The move was based around Dell Curry’s basketball career on the Charlotte Hornets. Through Steph’s childhood, Dell trained him himself, while putting Steph and his brother in the best basketball programs and teams. Curry’s basketball high school career was very successful, and he was named all-conference all-star, and he later led his team at the Charlotte Christian School to more titles and playoff appearances than the team had been invited to before Steph joined. Steph wanted to follow his father’s footsteps and continue to play basketball throughout his college career. Steph finally decided on Davidson College, where they offered him a large scholarship after they had been trying to recruit him for several years. Throughout his college career, he had consistently good stats of approx. 34 points per game even throughout his freshman year which everyone knew were record breaking stats. Although people were concerned that he was much too small, he went on to prove everyone wrong.

After very successful years in college basketball, surpassing almost all point records set at Davidson College, Curry was drafted by the Golden State Warriors in 2009, being the team’s first pick. Curry was drafted 9th overall. In 2011, Curry suffered from an injury when he broke his right ankle and only appeared in 27 regular season games. Although this was a setback, he was able to recover fully in a short time span of two years. Throughout 2012 to 2015, Curry worked tremendously hard to get back on the right track and start to play like his old self, which he managed to do although it did take time. In 2015 and 2016, Curry was named MVP and then named NBA’s first unanimous MVP, which meant it was so clear he was the best there was no need to even take a vote.

Other than Curry’s continuous tremendous success throughout basketball, even during his ankle injury, Curry is also a genuinely nice man. Curry is married to his long time girlfriend since high school, Ayesha Curry, and they share two young daughters: Riley and Ryan Curry. Steph has a very successful shoe line, which he has expanded to make three lines. Curry sponsors many nation wide products including brands like Express and Under Armour, and has continued to sponsor Degree deodorant, Muscle Milk, and the water brand “Brita”. Ayesha has also become very successful herself, coming out with her own Youtube channel “Little Lights of Mine” on which Steph is often featured, and having her own cooking show and book. Steph is very spiritual and credits a lot of his success to God. One of the main reasons Curry is a sponsor for Under Armour is so he could put quotes on his shoes from the Bible which inspired, and continue to inspire, him while other brands, including Nike, would not allow him to do so.

Steph Curry is an inspiration to all, excelling even when almost all college scouts told him he wouldn’t make it. Instead of giving up hope, he rose above and became a two time MVP, a consistent all star, and led his team to a finals victory while remaining a family man.

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