Perfect season bust: Patriots blow season opener

Dylan Bourgea and Nate Gibson, Contributors

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Patriot fans all around the country were shocked when they saw the final score of Super Bowl LI. After a miraculous comeback against the NFC champion Atlanta Falcons for yet another Super Bowl win, the Patriots made big moves in the off season with new pickups like Wide Receiver,  Brandin Cooks and Cornerback, Stephon Gilmore. Patriots new backup Tight End, Dwayne Allen was also another big pickup for the Patriots for a undrafted rookie. Patriots also signed LB Dont’a Hightower to a four  year contract. Hightower has also been reliable for the Patriots and continues to show he deserves to play. Malcolm Butler who picked off the game winning interception of Super Bowl XLIX,  was also resigned to a new contact. RB Mike Gillislee was picked up in late April and made a big impact after LeGarrette Blount was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles.

In the 2017 preseason,  the Patriots started off 0-2. Bill Belichick is the type of coach that does not care about wins or losses in the preseason but early evaluations of the new players to the roster including players like Brandin Cooks and Dwayne Allen. “ I think one or the things that not many people talk about is preparing for every situation,” Defensive End Trey Flowers says about Bill Belichick. Trey  Flowers has been playing for the Patriots for two years, and is in his third season with the Patriots this year. New receiver Brandin Cooks was more than good in his first appearances. Fans watched as the Patriots went through the preseason into the regular season in a blink. New pickups showed they deserved their spot on the roster but  receiver Cody Hollister  went to the practice squad. In all,  the New England Patriots are ready to take on the NFL season.

After their 1-3 preseason, and recent offensive recruitments, there were rumors of a perfect season in New England. Those rumors were crushed by the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 1 when they lost 42-27. The Patriots led an intense first drive with Tom Brady leading the charge with a 19 yard pass to new receiver Brandin Cooks and 16 yard pass to WR Danny Amendola.

The Patriots were leading 17-14 at the end of the first half, but then lost focus of the game in the second half, but mostly in the fourth quarter, when the Chiefs scored 21 points and shut out the Pats.  Third round pick  Kareem Hunt made his NFL debut with the Chiefs and had an incredible game, rushing for 239 yards and three touchdowns – an NFL record for a rookie since 1970. The Chiefs put up 537 total yards, the most yards allowed by the Patriot’s defense during the Brady Belichick era of the Patriots. Even though the Chiefs seemed to be better than the Pats overall, the Chiefs only had  possession of the football for 28 seconds longer than the Patriots. According to Bill Belichick, week one didn’t happen. The Patriots look forward to Houston in week three. Patriots fans everywhere are ecstatic about the rest of the season with Brady and Belichick.

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Perfect season bust: Patriots blow season opener