Apple’s Newest iPhones

Avery Malone

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Have you been waiting to upgrade your phone or buy one as a gift?  Apple’s iPhone spent its 10th anniversary by revealing details about the NEW iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Apple made both the iPhone 8 and X available for preorder starting September 12th. The 8 is priced at $700 and the X is $1000. Both are pretty expensive , but aren’t all iPhones when they first come out?

The iPhone X has been passed over  by a lot of shoppers due to its overly expensive price, but is loved for its great camera technology and portrait lighting. It has a 5.5 inch screen base, making it harder to hold with one hand, but having a bigger screen is something that keeps appearing in Apple’s designs. What Apple fans dislike about the X is the missing home button. The reason there is no home button is to have more room for the screen, but it’ll take some getting used to, since every other iPhone has had one. Apple also had a little mishap with their new face ID. During the showing of the iPhone X, the Face ID didn’t work, causing some distress. When asked about it ,Apple replied, “ Our phone didn’t mess up, our staff did.” If the Face ID does work, you’ll be able to purchase itunes, apps, and open your phone with it! Additionally, it has wireless charging and augmented reality. Augmented reality will make phones more fun for kids and better for pictures and videos. You’ll be able to add characters or pictures from the iPhone and internet.

The iPhone 8 is available in silver, space grey, gold finishes, and to top it off, has a matching aluminum band. The phone is made out of aerospace grade aluminum and has a 4.7 inch screen, making it easier to use with one hand and taking up less space in your purse or pocket. Like the X, the 8 has a deep strengthening layer to protect the glass screen. The lighting for the screen also includes True Tone, which is a setting that adjusts the light on your phone to the area you are in. Plus, the iPhone 8 has a 25% louder speaker than and Iphone 7 and better photo additions, like filters and “unblurring” photos. A problem with the smartphone is that Apple is struggling to get portable, wireless charging to work for the iPhone 8.

My sources for this information were, iMore, Thrillist, the Verge, and the Sun. Better save up now, they’ll be hitting stores soon!

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Apple’s Newest iPhones