Get to Know Madisun Crossen

Michaela Crossen, Contributor

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Madisun Crossen of Monomoy Regional High school talked to me recently about what she has in mind for her future along with her upcoming year. We talked about her dream job, hobbies, and the places she would like to travel to some day. To begin the conversation, she first informed me about her current life style. Madisun plays soccer, basketball, and softball. Her favorite sport is softball and has been for a while. This past season she played on the varsity team, as an eighth grader, in the starting line up as shortstop. Though she still has a while until college, Madisun’s dream is to play for the Florida Gators’ softball team. “I’ve wanted to be a Gator since the sixth grade,” she mentioned during the interview.

Hoping that softball will be a large part of her future, she also has put some thought in her career afterwards. At Florida State University she wants to pursue a career as an athletic trainer. The reason she began to show an interest in this major is because of her love for the sports she plays and because of the commitment that she herself has put into sports throughout her life. Madisun wants to be involved in sports at all times, even if it means to help young athletes improve themselves. She feels that for a start, she will always have the experience of playing sports throughout high school, and hopefully college, which might help her to help others. That is not the only reason she wants to pursue athletic training; she also has interest in the medical field, though sports always come first. As a physical trainer, though, she will be able to pursue both of these careers in different ways. On the lighter side of my interview with Madisun, she told me she would one day like to go to New Zealand. Along with New Zealand she really just wants to have the opportunity to see different parts of the world and different views of people throughout her lifetime.