Monomoy Football Fought the Weather and the Lions on Thanksgiving

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Monomoy Football Fought the Weather and the Lions on Thanksgiving

Caitlin Daley, Contributor

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The Monomoy Sharks put all they had into the annual Thanksgiving day football game against St. John Paul in record low temperatures. The Sharks kept swimming until the end of the game with all their might, but the lions came out on top 12-6.

The weather was a huge factor for both teams and fans. Fans tried to stay as warm as they could to watch their home teams battle it out.

Head Coach Larry Souza said, “ I think we played on two fronts, we played St.John Paul and we played the weather”. The wind was a huge issue, as it altered the throwing plays for both teams. Lots of run plays were made, but when the Sharks and Lions did pass plays the wind kept getting in the way.

This was the last High School Football game for the six seniors: Kyle Charlot, Isaac Hart, Chevar Shakespeare, Cam Coomber, Garrett Gomes, and Chris Hall. All were huge assets to the team this year and put all their best into each and every game. “ I’d like to give a shoutout to all the seniors, several who played this whole season injured,” said Coach Larry Souza.

After the annual Thanksgiving game, Coach Souza named the new captains for the 2019-2020 season: Tyler Potter, Mark Pawlina, Elijah Beasley, and Noah Concordia.

The team banquet was held on December 1st where the coaches announced team awards. Some of the awards given were:Team MVP, Courage Award, Defensive Player, Offensive Player, and Monomoy Shark Award.

Coach Souza is the 5th coach in five years so it was a rough beginning for the team, but at the end of the season the team became a family.