What Type of Person Should be President?

Drew Ryan, Contributor

The best person to be U.S. President is someone who is bipartisan and is able to put their own prejudices behind for their country. This would be best for our country because we are on the precipice of change, and the next few years decide our future and affect not just our country but the world. For the past few years, we have been turning a blind eye to issues, dismissing them, ignoring them, or not taking heed. What we need is a person who can look to our very split country and understand where each side is coming from- not just work with us but educate and help everyone to understand all perspectives. After that happens, it will be easier and more civil to talk with each other and teach each other. If we elect another President who can only speak with and work with their own party, we will not be well off in the coming years. A perfect example is the recent government shutdown where each party barricaded themselves behind opinions. If one does not understand an issue with two sides, then how could they understand a world with two or more sides? We are a world not just filled with black and white, but one that has many colors. We need someone who can see the small differences in each and every individual idea. We need someone who can relate and relay information in a equal way so that everyone is seen as a person and not a one-dimensional shape like a donkey or an elephant.