Take One! First Annual MRHS Film Festival!!

Brogan Rickman, Contributor

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For the first time in the history of Monomoy High School, a wonderful opportunity has arisen for the students of Monomoy. Thanks to the brainstorming power of Mr. Alexander, Mr. Cass, and Cape Cod Media, students will be able to submit a three to ten minute video about any topic they like, if it’s school appropriate. From expert to rookie, students will be able to submit their work to the Film Festival.There are three different categories to submit videos into: long, short, and amateur. There are even chances to win prizes such as a phone stabilizer and other amazing prizes from local businesses.These films will be judged by outside sources who have built careers creating or editing films, such as Darby Lyons a local filmmaker. The videos are submitted anonymously to the judges and from there the best film from each category will be chosen. Even if the film is not chosen to win, there will still be opportunities for the film to be seen by the public. On May 2nd from five P.M to eight P.M, there will be a showing of all the films in the Monomoy High school auditorium.

The students are not the only ones in the school who are excited about the Film Festival; many of the teachers here are excited too. I was able to interview one of the  many teachers who played a major role in the making of the film festival. Mr.Cass, the Digital Media teacher said this during our interview, “ It’s exciting because it lets students submit projects they wouldn’t normally submit.”  I talked to other teachers and got a lot of different opinions on it, but the recurring theme within all of them is the fact that they like that students will have an outlet to express themselves. I wish all of you the best of luck and my congratulations to the winner of the First Annual MRHS Film Festival.