Monomoy Girls’ Lacrosse

Samantha Goode, Contributor

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Monomoy’s girls’ lacrosse teams are playing well and improving greatly! Many players are new but catching on fast. They are all working hard! The girls have traveled to Sturgis East, Sturgis West, Plymouth, and Nantucket. They’ve had home games against Martha’s Vineyard, DY, Falmouth Academy, and Cape Cod Academy. They have more home games coming up so come and show some support for these hard working teams!


The varsity team is 6 and 3 and will hopefully make it into the playoffs! They only need four more wins to get there; they can do it! Captains Kelsey Baker, Jessie Currie, and Abby Wallace are leading the team well. Coach Jenn Peterson is trying new drills and pushing the team to do their best. They have been working a lot on different plays lately, such as a popular one called trigger where all of the girls run to the side of the field and make a line while someone feeds it to them from the front and they pass it to each other. In all, the varsity team is doing pretty well.


The JV team still has some more work to do at 1 and 5. However, things are looking up for them because they just got their first win against Sturgis East and are starting to play very well together. For a team that is made up of mostly new players, they are doing pretty well. The coach, Celina Delude, teaches all of the basics at the beginning of the season and is now moving on to more complicated things. The team has been focusing a lot on defensive positioning and sliding. She has also been teaching them to play with their non-dominant hand more because that is really important in a game when someone is trying to check you or you have to shoot from a different angle. The team is learning vital skills and are all improving as players.


Overall, although the Monomoy girls’ lax teams are newer, they’re doing pretty well against these teams that have so much more experience. They are all improving their basic skills and developing new ones. They are learning plays and improving shooting techniques. All thanks to the fantastic coaches! Lacrosse a very high-energy, active, fun sport!  Remember to come out and show some sup