Monomoy’s THE MIX

Deacon Cataldo, Contributor

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The Mix is Monomoy’s first multicultural, hip-hop dance crew that believes in celebrating their differences through the art of dance. Founded by Emily Viprino, a gym and fitness teacher at Monomoy High School, The Mix already performed as the opening act for ‘Hoops for Heart’ at MRHS, and on Thursday, May 2, 2019, they performed at the Cotuit Center For The Arts.

    When The Mix opened for ‘Hoops for Heart’, they looked nervous at first but their dancing showed otherwise. When they started dancing, it was as if all their nervousness and butterflies seemed to disappear instantly. They were showing pride in both their crew and their school when they danced, and it was an amazing kick off for the event that occurred soon after their dance routines. Minutes after dancing for the students in the gymnasium, they immediately performed for a handful of teachers and faculty.

  The Mix arrived at the Cotuit Center For The Arts around 5 O’clock at night. They didn’t perform until 5:30-5:45 pm but got a chance to look at all the other forms of art there. When it came time for them to start dancing, they kicked it off with a new step dance in one room and then guided the audience into the main room to watch them talk the language of dance. The young women of the group danced the first few performances, then the b-boy of the group, me, Deacon Cataldo, led a dance to rile up the audience and make them laugh throughout the dance routine. In all, the performances were amazing; they were beautifully made and executed.

    I got a chance to reach out to Mrs. Viprino to ask what her take was on their performance and she said, “The Mix‘ performance at The Cotuit Center for the Arts was one for the books. I say this because it was the first stage performance for many of the club members. The introduction was explosive and unexpected, yet composed and grounded. A beautiful balance. The energy was one of community, togetherness, celebration, pride, and excitement. The audience responded with loud cheers, dancing, clapping, and sincere appreciation for the art they were made a part of. These students handled the performance like professionals and put their full potential on display. As a club leader I felt honored and proud.” On May 15th, they will be performing for the Multicultural Fair at MRHS, doing the dance routines they did at the Center For The Arts but a few new ones as well. Their last dance will be at the end of the year and will be a banger as a last attempt to win the audience’s ears and respect. Talking for all of Monomoy’s dance crew, we are here to stay and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, so you can bet that we will most likely be here next year and for more years to come because we have come so far and don’t plan to stop. We have a voice and plan on using it to the fullest extent.

    Special Thanks To: Mrs. Viprino, our valiant, noble, and humble leader; Ms. Mimi, our support and backbone of the group; Mr. Burkhead, for helping us get all our dancers to be able to perform; Monomoy’s bus company for getting us to and from our performance in Cotuit, and the Monomoy School District for allowing us to become a dance crew.


Dancers                             Grade

Madelin Santana                                      9th

Therysa Cherenfant                                12th

Deacon Cataldo                                      11th

Britania Bucknor                                       8th

Sudeen Dwyer                                          8th

Alisha Germosen                                      8th

Tanice McDonald                                    10th

Stefanny Cava Sanchez                         10th

Ederlyn Minaya                                         9th

Marissa Dennis                                         8th

Lheissah Jean-Jacques                           11th

Teleesia Haughton                                   10th

Corangy Reyes                                          8th

Rood Cheron –                                           8th

Liza Michel                                               10th

Chantia Williams                                        8th

Wendine Michel                                        10th

Supriya Rai                                               12th


Members But Not Dancers

Kristian Burt                                              10th

Devinne Wilson                                         10thThe